Our Language and Communication Program for Internationals

International students and visiting staff at Trier University of Applied Sciences have the opportunity to participate in additional Continuing Education courses offered by our Center for Language and Communication. Many of these courses are also open for English-speaking participants (although there are some restrictions for beginner’s courses where the teaching language is mostly German), nevertheless, a little German is also useful for advanced French, Spanish, and Italian classes. 

We have an attractive list of courses: language courses at different levels (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German), crash courses for exam preparation, as well as the respective exams which can be taken at the Environmental Campus (TOEIC, TestDaF) and specialized courses in English concerning specific subjects such as Academic English. 

Registration is possible now, courses start on 07 April. Please do NOT register for courses that are part of your curriculum, registration for these courses is via StudIP starting on 01 April, 8:00am, as usual. The Continuing Education courses are courses you can take as an extracurricular offer without crediting as part of your core curriculum.

Please find a list of courses that are suitable for English-speaking participants below. Target language levels are given according to the Common European Framework of Reference (you can find an explanation and self-assessment grid at http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/sites/default/files/cefr-en.pdf); required entry level is always one level lower (e.g. Business English B2 --> entry level English B1). Courses are free for students of Trier University of Applied Sciences (there is a reduced fee for the TestDaF preparation course and separate exam fees for TOEIC and TestDaF).

Courses are also open for English-speaking external participants who will have to pay a course fee. For further information please contact us at sk-weiterbildung@umwelt-campus.de.

To register for any of the courses below, please send us a mail to sk-weiterbildung(at)umwelt-campus.de (you will need course number and name) with the following information:

Last name, first name
Course number and name
Street & House number
Postal Code & City

Course on offer in the summer semester 2019


  • 4W01BEB2 Business English B2, Course 1 Mo 9:00-10:30, Juen, 16/139
  • 4W02BEB2 Business English B2, Course 2 Mo 16:20-17:50, Juen, 16/139
  • 4W03BEB2 Business English B2, Course 3 Do 9-10:30, Carvalho, 16/139
  • 4W04BEB2 Business English B2, Course 4 Do 9-10:30, Juen, 17/027
  • 4W05ELB2 English for Law B2, Course 1 Mo 9-10:30, Witt-Jauch, 17/027
  • 4W06ELB2 English for Law B2, Course 2 Do 14:40-16:10, Witt-Jauch, 17/027
  • 4W07ELB2 English for Law B2, Course 3 Mi 14:40-16:10, Witt-Jauch, 17/027
  • 4W08ELB2 English for Law B2, Course 4 Mi 16:20-17:50, Witt-Jauch, 17/027


  • 4W12FTB1 French for Technology and Business B1, 13-16:10, Sens, 17/143
  • 4W13FRA2 French Advanced B2, Do 14:40-17:50, Sens, 17/143
  • 4W14FRB2 French for Law B2, Mi 14:40-16:10, Sens, 17/143

German as a Foreign Language (GFL)

  • 4W21DEA1 GFL Basics A1, Mo 13-16:10, Arnold, 9900/60
  • 4W22DEA2 GFL Elementary A2, Course 1 Fr 10:40-12:10 & 13:00-14:30, Häffner, 24/027
  • 4W23DEA2 GFL Elementary A2, Course 2 Fr 9-12:10, NN, 13/011
  • 4W24DEB2 GFL Advanced B2, Do 13-16:10, Häffner, 13/011
  • 4W25DEC1 GFL Certificate Course C1, Do 13-16:10, Juen, 16/139


  • 4W26CHA1 Chinese Basics A1, Mi 14:40-17:50, Zhou, 16/139

Specialized Courses:

  • 4W32BAES Advanced Business and Academic English Skills, Di 9-12:10, Witt-Jauch, 17/027
  • 4W33BEC1 Advanced Business English C1, Course 1 Di 14:40-16:10 & Do 10:40-12:10, Carvalho, Di 15/041 & Do 16/139
  • 4W34BEC1 Advanced Business English C1, Course 2 Do 9-12:10, Witt-Jauch, 13/011
  • 4W35BEC1 Advanced Business English C1, Course 3 Fr 10:40-12:10 & 13-14:30, Carvalho, 17/027
  • 4W36BETC1 Topics in Advanced Business English C1, Do 14:40-16:10 Carvalho, 15/041,
  • 4W37ELC1 English for Law C1, Course 1 Di 16:20-17:50 Carvalho, 15/041
  • 4W38ELC1 English for Law C1, Course 2 Mi 9-10:30 Carvalho, 13/004
  • 4W39FRC1 French for Law C1, Mi 9-10:30 Sens, 16/038      
  • 4W40INCO Intercultural Communication, Do 14:40-17:50 Brunner & Diemer, 16/038

Exam Preparation

  • 4W41PV01 TOEIC Crash Course, Di 9-10:30 Witt-Jauch, 17/027
  • 4W25DEC1 GFL Certificate Course C1, Do 13-16:10, Juen, 16/139

Course times may be subject to change. 

Continuing Education Certificate

Enhance your key qualifications and obtain a Continuing Education certificate! If you have further questions, please e-mail us at sk-weiterbildung(at)umwelt-campus.de.

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