Corona: Notes on data center services

In the following you will find current information on our service offer due to the Corona crisis:

Reachability by telephone under your university number
  • Call diversion: Calls to your service telephone can be configured by diverting calls to your private line. The private number is displayed to the caller.
  • DoubleCall: Calls to your university phone can also be forwarded to a private number.  Only the university number is displayed to the caller. Please request this from your IT-department
  • If telephone calls from your university number are necessary, please also contact your IT-department.


Distribution of information by e-mail

An increased use of e-mail distribution lists will lead to more or less major delays in delivery. We recommend the following measures to keep the delays within reasonable limits:

  • Only send really important information directly by e-mail to (large) mailing lists.
  • Avoid e-mail attachments of any kind and keep them as short as possible (or refer to an information page).
  • Create an information page (or use the central information page of the university) to communicate the current status of the corona effects.
E-Learning / Distant Learning

In principle, local (STUD.IP), state (VCRP: OLAT, Panopto) and nationwide (DFN: DFNConf, Adobe Connect) platforms are available. Due to the strong demand, some of the capacities are already fully utilized or overloaded. Work is already underway in many areas to expand capacity in the near feature.

Further information can be found at the E-Learning Support of the University of Applied Sciences Trier. All instructions / materials on e-learning at Trier University of Applied Sciences can be found in this OLAT-course.

Other communication platforms

Detailed overview: Meeting platforms

Brief instructions on:

  1. WEB CONFERENCES with BigBlueButton
  3. TEAMWORK with Microsoft Teams. At present, the so-called SelfService variant is available. An integration into the university landscape (Shibboleth registration is in progress)
  4. CHAT platform Mattermost
EDV-pools and student workstations

All service facilities are closed to the public. This also includes the EDV-pools.

Special offer: Adobe products for students

Adobe offers our students a temporary use of several Adobe products (Acrobat DC, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign ...)

You can find a special regulation on Adobe products under  Software for your studies

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