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At the beginning of your work at the Environmental Campus, you will receive a paper from the computer centre with all the important information about your account (user ID). With the help of these login data, you can make use of the various services of the computer centre.

Our offer

  • User ID
    Your user ID (username + password) is your personal "key" to the IT infrastructure.
  • WLAN
    You can connect your notebook, tablet or smartphone to our WLAN (Eduroam].
  • IT security and data protection
    Basic instructions and documents for self-training for safe handling in everyday IT life.
  • E-mail address
    Your e-mail address is used for communication in all university matters.
  • Telephone and Fax
    At your workplace (whether on campus or on the road) you can be reached via VoIP at any time.
  • Network printers
    Network printers are available for printing, copying and scanning throughout the campus.
  • Software
    Existing software contracts and framework agreements for software on your IT workstation.
  • Storage
    Online - always available - and secure as a [Home] network drive, or in our CLOUD [Seafile].
  • Advice and help
    Feel free to contact our IT-Support, use our FAQ to help yourself, or search directly for Instructions.

Overview of all services

Opening hours

IT ServicePoint (Building 9917 / Room 112):
Mo. - Fr.:     8:30 - 11:30 hour
Mo. - Th.:  13:00 - 16:00 hour

IT Workspaces (EDV-Pools):
Mo. - Fr.:     7:00 - 22:00 hour

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