User ID

Passwords are only stored encrypted!
If you authenticate yourself, your input will also be encrypted and only the two keys will be compared. This means that we do not know your password and therefore cannot tell you it.

However, we can enter a new password for you!
You have the following options:


Please contact the computer centre in person (building 9917 / 112) upon presentation of your certificate of enrolment or your official identity card.

Representation (authorized representative)

If you cannot come in person, it is possible to send a representative to whom you must give a power of attorney and a copy of your official identity card as well as your certificate of enrolment. The authorised person must be listed by name and must also be able to identify himself/herself. We will then hand over the password directly in an envelope.

Password requirements

Your password has to meet the following requirements:

  • The password must be at least 8 characters long.
  • The password may not contain your user name.
  • The passwors may not contain three or more letters of your actual name in sequence. 
  • The password may contain a combination of at least three of the following characters:

    - Uppercase letter (A bis Z)
    - Lowercase letter (a bis z)
    - Number (0 bis 9)
    - Special character (for example !, $, #, %)
      The following special characters are not allowed: ", §, ', \, €
      Certain mutated vowels such as Ä, Ö, Ü should not be used because the might cause an error.
  • The password ist not allowed to equal your last seven passwords.
  • The password have to be changed at least once every year.
  • The password can be changed once a day at most.
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