Video, web and telephone conferences

The University of Applied Sciences Trier has several video conference facilities on the main campus and on the environmental campus, which enable video conferences to be held both between the locations and with external participants. Furthermore, employees of the university have the possibility to use the conferencing service of the DFN Verein (DFNConf), which allows video, web and telephone conferences at the PC workstation without special hardware or software (except video camera and headset).

For video conferences between the locations or with one external participant, the video conference facilities of the university are suitable.

If you would like to conference with more than one participant (at different locations) or if you do not have the opportunity to use one of the university's systems, the DFNConf service of the DFN Verein is the ideal solution.

Please note the current notes on DFNconf und Covid-19


Video conference facilities at the university

Videoconference between the locations

Reserve a video conference room at both locations for the desired date. When the equipment in both locations is turned on at the beginning of the conference, select the remote party in one location (all equipment is registered on speed dial keys or in the directory) and start the videoconference. The devices also support the simultaneous presentation of documents.

Videoconference with an external party

A conference with an external party is basically the same as an inter-site conference. However, the external participant has to support the H.323 protocol (for detailed information please refer to the Kompetenzzentrum für Videokonferenzdienste der TU Dresden) and know the IP address of the local system in order to dial in. Under certain circumstances, a firewall at the external participant's site may limit the connection possibilities, in which case the corresponding administrator must be consulted. The firewall of the Trier University of Applied Sciences allows connections from outside. Depending on the capabilities of the external systems, documents can also be presented.

Videoconferences with DFNConf

The use of the DFN video conference service is possible with the video conference systems of the university as well as with a workstation computer equipped with a webcam and microphone (better headset). The system also supports participation via Skype or Skype for Business.

Every employee can log on to the DFNConf portal with his or her university ID, set up a corresponding conference room with just a few clicks and invite further participants to the conference. For this purpose, a ready-made invitation text is generated, which describes the possibilities of conference participation. Furthermore, a test call service is available to test the access before a conference. In the portal, you can find a flyer with a short overview of the service as well as detailed informationen about its use.

Conference calls with DFNConf

The DFNConf service basically allows the dial-in by telephone into a video conference (or the execution of pure telephone conferences via an installed video conference room). Please read the section "Videoconferences with DFNConf" above.


Web conferences with DFNConf

The DFN provides Adobe Connect for web conferences. Via the DFNConf portal you can easily set up a room for web conferences. The registration at the DFNConf Portal is done with your university identification via Shibboleth. The link to set up a web conference is located at the top right of the portal.


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