Dual Career Service

New employees can contact the dual career service for advice on:


  • Relocation

We keep a list of estate agents of the surrounding area of all our campuses to help you find a new home. We also keep information on leisure activities on offer in the area, relocation checklists, which will help you to plan your move, as well as contact details of regional moving companies.


  • Child care

We work with an extensive network of childcare opportunities. On offer a re for example holiday and after school clubs. à for more information on these offers please follow this link.


  • Job change of spouse/partner

We are happy to advise your spouse or partner and help in developing their individual application strategy, their CV and their portfolio. We also have many useful tips concerning suitable employers in the area.

Further Information

To make an appointment, contact:

By e-mail: gsb.beratung(at)hochschule-trier.de

By telephone: 06782-171913

Or come straight to the family service.

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