Committee for Gender-related Topics

The senate commissions a committee for gender-related topics as well as - by suggestion of the committee - a female staff member as central equality officer for three years.

The committee supports the central equality officer, so that she can fulfill her duties.


Name Departement/Faculty Mail Substitute  
Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz (Vorsitzende) FB UP/UT Prof. Dr. Anne Schweizer
Manuela Mertes (Stellv. Vorsitzende) Mitarbeiterin BLV NN  
Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch FB Gestaltung    
Prof. Dr. Andreas Künkler FB Informatik Vivien Baguio
Prof. Dr. Udo Burchard FB Wirtschaft    
Prof. Dr. Susanne Hartard FB UW/UR Prof. Dr. Markus Müller UW/UR  
Julia Wild Mitarbeiterin Gestaltung Sonja Walbaum
Hanka Walter Mitarbeiterin Technik NN  
Jenny Eichelhard Mitarbeiterin UW/UR NN  
Jutta Straubinger Mitarbeiterin Verwaltung TR NN  
Silke Gelzleichter Mitarbeiterin Verwaltung UCB    
Laura Schwinn student    
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