Pragmatism in the energy transition

Lohberg coal mine tower and PV system

The commentary by Isabell Hülsen in DER SPIEGEL addresses some exciting aspects of energy supply. And we will probably have to find pragmatic solutions within the next few months to secure the supply of fossil raw materials, as bitter as this unfortunately is.

Nevertheless, we must finally initiate the necessary measures to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels drastically. The solution beyond the short term cannot be to import oil, coal, and gas from other regions and maintain the status quo. We know very well what transformation path we need to take to achieve climate protection targets. The sooner we get started, the more significant our progress and know-how will be. This will also strengthen our position in international competition in future technologies.

Unfortunately, there is still a threat of stagnation, which would leave us with appeals and small-scale measures that do not advance the transformation of the energy system. It is not enough to encourage consumers to follow elementary energy-saving tips. As long as there is no positive competition to reduce energy consumption and no incentive to use climate-neutral energy generation for industry, commerce, trade, and private individuals that are politically steered, it will be tough to lift our industrial society to the next level of energy supply.

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