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The next EVENTS:
UPDATE 30/10/2020:
We have to decide... maybe we have to stop the live-events again.
The decision will be made next monday and will be published here.
So look here for new events. There will be some!
Live or Online - we are here to help you out!

Don't forget to come around during our office hours in room 16-044!
We are looking forward to your ideas, suggestions, questions, criticism, ... :)

International Students Office (ISO)

ISO @ UCB / iso[at]

The International Students Office (ISO) offers during lecture period - NOW until 22.01.2021: From students for students!
Often the students can help each other best. So we offer platforms for you:

only during lecture period

ISO office hours
> > > Every Wednesday 2-4pm at UCB in room 16-044. < < <
Question & Answer: Where do you need support? What are your questions? We are here to help you out! Come around! :)

we're about to plan (see above) | ISO-EVENTS | Café International (THX to all volunteers!)
>>> Every Wednesday from 16:15 at UCB. < < <
Country presentations + Cultural and country-specific activities + Much more!
Meet & Mingle: You are invited! Meet international students & friends.

Possible with advance consultation! | ISO-TUTORIALS | study group
>>> Every Wednesday 3-5pm at TeeStube at UCB. < < <
Contact and registration via email HERE.

Possible with advance consultation! | ISO-TUTORIALS | Students German language courses and specialized courses
> > > Appointments by individual arrangement at UCB. < < <
Contact and registration via email HERE

CANCELED | ISO-SPORTS | International sports group at Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
> > > Every Thursday 16:30 - 18:30 in the sports hall at UCB. < < <

Only registration! | ISO-MUSIC | play the guitar with Cruz
> > > Every Tuesday from 6pm at UCB in the 'Proberaum' in the upper floor in KG. < < <
Unfortunately due to Covid-19 again postponed. But: we are about to plan!
You are welcome to register by e-mail. Please click HERE.

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