The German network for long-term ecological research (LTER-D) is a platform for communication, documentation and collaboration of scientists in site-based long-term, system-oriented and interdisciplinary environmental observation in Germany.
The German network is a node in a globally distributed network and  infrastructure of long-term research sites that adheres to the following principles:

  • Long-term: Continuous collection and use of long-term data on ecosystems with a time horizon of decades to centuries
  • In-situ: Data generation at different spatial scales at individual in-natura sites
  • Process orientation: Identification and quantification of interactions of ecosystem processes affected by internal and external drivers
  • Systems approach: Investigation of ecosystems, environmental systems and socio-ecological systems in the long-term

Our resreach group runs a long-term ecosystem monitoring program in the river and floodplain habitats of the National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald. Please find further information in the section National Park Research.
Stefan Stoll currently serves as treasurer on the National board of LTER-D

The annual LTER-D conference 2018 took place at the Umwelt-Campus from 19.-21.3.18!

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