Frequently Asked Questions – GPI

What does the Green Power Indicator do?

The "Green Power Indicator" (GPI) displays whether the called site is hosted on a server, which is operated with environment-friendly produced electricity. It is realised as Firefox-Add-on. In that way the extension supports the development of a "Green Web".

Who can use the Green Power Indicator?

The Firefox extension can be installed and used by any Internet user.
The Green Power Indicator requires no user action. While the user is surfing in the Internet the green status of the current Web page is displayed by an icon (or in the text mode by a description).


How do I install the Green Power Indicator?

To use the extension a Firefox browser version 1.5 or later is required.
The add-on can be downloaded here. The user has to follow the instructions that appear in the browser window to install the add-on.

Why is a "?" shown in the GPI?

The quality of the current Web page is unknown, since it is not in our database so far. You know more? Then let us know: Service Request.

What do the different symbols mean?
Text Icon Bedeutung
active   Green Power Indicator is active.
inactive   Green Power Indicator is inactive, there is no communication with the server.
Green Energy!   The called Web site is hosted with green electricity, classification in the three quality classes A, B, C.
Energy quality unknown   The power quality is unknown.   Search is in progress
error   Error, e. g. no Internet connection
blocked by HTTPS   The query of the current Web page is blocked by HTTPS
Blacklist   The Web page is on the blacklist, so that the current quality is not queryable. (The function is not available anymore)
Which settings can be made in the Green Power Indicator?
  • Enable / disable the Green Power Indicator
  • Enable / disable the cache function
  • Update the displayed information
  • Set the length of the deletion period
  • Query / block of HTTPS connections
  • Switch between icon and text mode

The settings can be made in the menu that appears by right clicking on the icon of the GPI. The sidebar can be opened and closed by clicking on the GPI icon. The sidebar displays more information about the website and provides background information about the GPI project. Please note, that the sidebar is not available in the new versions of the addon.

What is the cache?

Here, all Web pages visited until now are displayed, together with its quality classes, providers, etc. The cache shows the information to the central provider list.
The user can specify at what intervals the locally stored information are deleted, and can manually clear the cache in the settings dialog.


Which provider do I see in the Green Power Indicator?

The provider must meet various criteria, developed with the support by the BUND of Rhineland-Palatinate, and are then divided into three quality classes.


Are user data stored (data protection)?

Neither requesting IPs, nor single URLs are stored on the server. Hence, we collect the provider and power quality of the called web pages. Learn more about the privacy policy and Disclaimer.


How can I update the Green Power Indicator?

Add-ons downloaded from this site Mozilla ask for updates once per day. If an update is available the user can decide whether he wants to update his add-on.

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