Green Power Indicator

List of Eco ISPs

The electricity consumption of information and communication technology (ICT) continues to grow. But where does this power come from? Is it renewable?

The "Green Power Indicator" (GPI) displays whether the called site is hosted on a server, which is operated with environment-friendly produced electricity. It is realised as Firefox-Add-on. In that way the extension supports the development of a "Green Web". The GPI is also resource-efficient because the traffic is kept minimal.

Eco-power quality is considered in a differentiated way. The provider must meet various criteria to be accepted for our list. The criteria are developed together with our partners and BUND Rhineland-Palatinate (German Branch of Friends of the Earth). We distinguish three quality classes of green electricity in the Green Power Indicator.

How it Works

After the Green Power Indicator is installed an icon shows the power quality of a website. Different settings can be adapted in the settings menu.

The GPI relies on our central list of eco-friendly ISPs. Exclusively the connection data and the called domain (with top level domain) are delivered in an encrypted way.

To reduce data transfer, the green energy data of already visited sites is stored locally. This cache can be viewed in the settings menu and can be deleted by the user. It is possible to deactivate the check of encrypted connections (HTTPS).

Further information about the functionality of the add-on: FAQ.

Feedback and Participation

The "Green Web" is just starting out. Those who participate in the development of the Green Power Indicator, have various options:

  • Evaluation of providers and green power qualities, further development of the dataset
  • Software development: testing, design and developing
  • Marketing: Placement of advertising banners, presentation at trade fairs etc.

Embedded in the Research Project GREENSOFT

The Green Power Indicator is part of the Sustainable Software Support Centre (S3C) developed in the BMBF-funded project GREENSOFT. The S3C helps to make software and ICT more environmentally friendly and sustainable. On the one hand, the resource efficiency of ICT should be improved directly (“Green IT”, “Green Software Engineering”). On the other, ICT can help indirectly on a way to sustainable development by supporting the solution of environmental, social and economic problems (“Green by IT”) (see Naumann 2008).

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Apart from the transfer of the domain and the usual connection data no data is transmitted. For statistical purposes we store which provider registered in our database were used, how often and when. The domain called by the user is not saved.

Despite careful development and testing, we point out that the use of the Green Power Indicator is at your own risk and that there is no liability for possible damages.

Learn more about the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Green Power Indicator installation

Installation Instructions

The following instructions refer to the Green Power Indicator version 1.12 or newer. They show how the GPI-Icon can be individually placed within your browser.

1. Use the functionality provided by the browser to install the add-on: Therefore, use the entry "add-ons" in which can be found in the menu (or in the "extras" menu with older version).

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