Support for Doctoral Candidates

WiTfit – fit für die Wissenschaft

Events to equip you for research and work in the sciences.   “WiTfit” topics include:

  • How and where can I find information?  (Digital and analog literature research)
  • What are results and how do I understand them? (Basic knowledge, statistics, conducting studies, evaluating results)
  • Where and how to I start? (time and self-management)

Doctoral candidates can direct suggestions for workshops to the Doctoral Advisory Service.


Doctoral candidates at Trier University of Applied Sciences can use the pages “Doctoral advice” inStud.IP as a discussion forum.

Submission procedures can be requested from the Doctoral Advisory Service.

Transdisciplinary Advisory Service for doctoral candidates by professors at Trier University of Applied Sciences

Doctoral candidates at Trier University of Applied Sciences can use the expertise available within the university in case of methodical and practical research questions that fall outside their area of expertise.


For statistical procedures and problems, you can seek advice from Prof. Dr. Rita Spatz (r.spatz[at]

Prof. Klaus Peter Koch, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (K.Koch[at] offers support and advice on measurement technology.

For questions relating to software engineering, software technology, and green IT, contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann (s.naumann[at] for advice. He can also offer advice on scientific publication, especially in computer sciences.

For advice on writing papers in English, even once you have started, you are welcome to contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer (s.diemer[at]

Doctoral candidates can take a look at the typeface and layout design of articles and dissertations by contacting Prof. Andreas Hogan (hogan[at] (areas of specialization:  typeface design, design, typography).  This kind of external point of view is recommended by writing coaches.

Library Advisory Service

Teaching Library

Tools and personal advice

Dr. Stefan Bagusche
Email: s.bagusche[at]

Nachwuchsfonds (Young Researchers Programme of Trier UAS)

Funding opportunity for a subsidy for salary costs of a doctoral candidate and expenses. Details in German

Please get in contact with your supervisor.

Individual advice at the Doctoral Advisory Service

Personal advisory meetings can be organized at the Doctoral Advisory Service with Dr. Elisabeth Fillmann during any phase of the doctorate. (e.fillmann[at]

Women are particularly encouraged to pursue a doctorate. The support of the Equal Opportunities Office is also available in this matter.

Seafile rlp Cloud Storage for University Members

Seafile is an open source cloud storage software. The Data Center at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz provides all universities in Rhineland-Palatinate with this service. Members of Trier University of Applied Sciences can register via a web portal using their data center ID and configure their own cloud environment.

DAAD-StiBet doctoral candidates HS Trier 2019-2021

Scholarship and Research-Assistantship for  foreign doctoral candidates at Trier UAS

Next call for applications will follow in 2021

By the programme DAAD-StiBet-Doktoranden HS Trier 2019-2021, scholarships and funding for research-assistance-jobs at Trier UAS for foreign doctoral candidates, cooperatively supervised at Trier UAS, are offered.

In 2020 the call had been:

3 months of a scholarship of 1200 €

7,5 months of research-assistantship of 400 €

Splitting is possible.

Research-assistantships have to be disbursed as salary in Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft- or Employee-contracts.

Who can apply?

Scholarships: Doctoral candidate herself or himself

Research-Assistantship: Supervising professor or department (Fachbereich) at Trier UAS (HS Trier)

Applications should be made in an informal, signed letter, including evidence or declaration that the preliminary requirements are met and reference to the income-status, to the Promotionsberatungsstelle (Counselor for Doctoral Studies). The letter of application may be sent as attachement by e-mail or as hard copy.

Details of requirements

Deadline for applications: 13.08.2020 (08/13, 2020)

Address: HS Trier

Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld


PF 1380

55761 Birkenfeld


The applications will be assessed at the Promotionsberatungsstelle. In case of several positively evaluated applications, a splitting of scholarship, resp. funding for research assistance is possible.


For further questions, please contact Dr. Elisabeth Fillmann at the Promotionsberatungsstelle (Counselor for Doctoral Studies)


Tel. ++49 (0) 6782 171827.


The programme DAAD-StiBet-Doktoranden HS Trier is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).

Das Programm ist über den DAAD finanziert aus Mitteln des Auswärtigen Amtes (AA).

Initial consultation for those interested in doctoral studies by the Vice President, Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer.

Email addresses: promotionsberatung (at) or promotionsberatung (at)


The last consultation in Trier took place on November 10th, 2020.

Mailing Address:

Trier University of Applied Sciences
Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
PF 1380
55761 Birkenfeld

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