Certificate of necessity of attendance at presence examinations

As proof of the necessity of attendance at presence examinations during studies as a valid reason for travel, Trier University of Applied Sciences issues a certificate.

Dear students,

if the incidence of Corona infections exceeds 200, a 15 km zone may be established, which may only be exceeded with a valid reason. Since this can occur anytime, anywhere, and for many of you a long journey from home or an entry from abroad to Germany may be required for presence examinations, we provide a confirmation of need for attendance for attendance exams via the StudIS application portal, which you can download at any time using your campus account.

After logging in, you will find this in the Study Services area under Certificates under the name "Certificate of Attendance Examination".
For this purpose, please pull an overview of the registered exams in QIS and attach it to the certificate.

We assume that a screenshot of the two documents and carrying your student ID will also be sufficient in case of an inspection in case you don´t have a printer. An English version is also available.

Please remember, if you are infected with Corona, or have had contact with infected persons, participation in attendance examinations is not permitted; withdrawal from the examination at short notice is then possible. Please contact the examination office if this is the case.

Good luck with the exams and please stay healthy!

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