Resolutions in the Departments UP/UT and UW/UR on the Suspension of the 1+4 Regulation

The "1+4 regulation" contained in the examination regulations at UCB will be suspended from the winter semester 2020/2021 until further notice.

The suspension of the 1+4 rule was decided in the two departments of Environmental Planning/Environmental Engineering and Environmental Economics/Environmental Law, respectively.
This is to support the students in the current Corona special situation and to avoid that students are obliged to take an exam because it is a compulsory first exam in a module.

The 1+4 rule states that examination performances for which students have not registered no later than 4 semesters after these examinations are scheduled according to Annex 1 (= curriculum) are considered to have been failed for the first time. Thus, an exam from the 1st semester must be written for the first time in the 5th semester at the latest, otherwise this attempt will be graded with a 5.0.

The departments have passed special Corona resolutions for both the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/2021, stipulating that students are free to decide which examinations they take, and have extended this voluntary nature to compulsory attempts such as repeat attempts that would have to be written no later than the semester after next following the failure, as well as attempts that would have to be written according to the 1+4 rule.

In the current situation, of which no one can yet say when it will change, the departments see the 1+4 rule as a worsening of the situation for students and have therefore decided not to apply it until further notice.

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