Hygiene instructions for the course of examinations and inspection of examinations

The Trier University of Applied Sciences has established hygiene instructions for the course of examinations and examination inspections.

For the protection of students and employees of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, hygiene instructions for the course of examinations and examination inspections have been established. We kindly ask you to observe them and implement them accordingly.

Hygiene instructions for the course of examinations and inspection of examinations, status: 03.06.2020

    The general hygiene instructions apply to examinations and examination inspections in presence, in particular with regard to distance, hand hygiene and ventilation.
    In case of a justified need [medical proof required], individual examination solutions [e.g. separate room] should be sought upon request of the students.An application for an individual examination solution based on a justified need is to be submitted to the examination board of the respective department via the examination office at the UCB, together with the relevant medical certificate.
    On the way to the examinations and in front of the examination room, distance markings as well as posters shall indicate the safety distance. This minimum distance must be observed. Group formation should be avoided. Furthermore, on the way to the examinations, in the examination vestibules as well as on the way from the vestibule to the seat, a mouth and nose cover to be brought along by the candidate himself is to be worn. This also applies when the examination is handed in and when leaving the room.
    Exams are located in front of the entrance of the students at the seats or are to be taken to the seat by the students near the entrance.
    The exams are to be placed in a deposit box by the participants when they are handed in and are to be kept for 24 hours before correction.
    A "one-way control" for input/output should be provided and marked.
    During the test, a mouth-nose cover may be omitted.
    In case of questions from students and answers from examiners/ supervisors, a mouth-nose cover must be worn on both sides. The supervisors can decide to allow questions only at the desk with a protective wall [,,spit protection"].
    Eating in the examination room is not permitted [exceptions in case of medical necessity].
    No special cleaning/disinfection of the tables is required. Disinfectants for hands and surfaces should be provided to the participants/supervisors. The request is made by the specialist departments at the operating technology department.
    After the examination, all participants leave the room, the building and the campus as quickly as possible. Even after the examination, group formations on campus must be avoided.
    The hygiene instructions for the course of examinations are correspondingly also valid for the inspection of examinations.

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