Important information about examinations, special regulation for attempt counting in the summer semester 2020

Here you find important information about examinations and the special regulation for attempt counting in the summer semester 2020

Dear students,
In the following, I would like to provide you with important information, especially regarding examinations in the summer semester 2020.
A lot of text follows, I kindly ask you to take the time to read it.
True to the motto: Whoever reads has a clear advantage!

I hope that this will answer most of the questions that are currently being put to us.

Test count in the summer semester 2020
In the two departments Environmental Planning/Environmental Technology and Environmental Business/Environmental Law, the examination committees responsible for examination matters have passed resolutions on special regulations for examinations in the summer semester 2020.
The good news is that the two faculties have agreed on a harmonized procedure for free examinations in the summer semester 2020.
Above on our page you can view the decisions of the departments.
If you have any further questions regarding the decisions, please contact the Examination Office.

The most important facts in short:

  1. All students have the free choice of whether or not to take part in the examinations of the summer semester 2020, but timely registration or deregistration in the QIS is still mandatory.
    Explanation: You are free to choose whether you want to take part even if it is a compulsory test (e.g. third attempt)!
  2. A failed compulsory attempt (either according to 1+4 regulation or a repeat examination = 2nd or 3rd examination attempt) as well as a failed examination will not be counted in the summer semester 2020. For examinations that are not passed, a withdrawal with recognized reason will be recorded in the QIS. This means that compulsory attempts not taken in the summer semester 2020 as well as attempts taken but not passed do not count towards the number of three possible examination attempts according to the applicable examination regulations.
    Explanation: So if you decide to take the exam, then a passed exam is of course counted, if you do not pass the exam, a withdrawal with a recognized reason is recorded in the QIS after the grades have been recorded and thus this 5.0 is "deleted".
    This regulation does not apply in either department for written work such as term papers, seminar papers or final papers (Thesis). The next point applies here.
  3. The deadline for the submission of term papers, seminar papers, project papers, final papers was extended by the university management by a lump sum of 6 weeks. Please note that the free attempt regulation does not apply to these examinations!
    Should a further extension be necessary for you, an application must be submitted to the examination board. The application must be justified and submitted to the examination office.

This very accommodating solution means a very high effort for the organization of the exams, which is already very high due to the implementation of the requirements for hygiene and distance regulations.
The university is therefore dependent on your cooperation and support. In addition to the two deans, Prof. Dr. Gutheil and Prof. Dr. Helling, I would also like to ask you, on behalf of the Examination Office, to decide conscientiously and at an early stage whether and in which examinations you would like/can participate.
Please make sure to register for and cancel your registration for the exams as early as possible.

This is the only way to enable us to organize the number of rooms required and, above all, the number of staff required.

Please keep in mind that the university also has staff who belong to risk groups and therefore cannot be deployed on site for the holding of examinations. This further complicates the organizational effort and the workload of the staff.
On our website you will find additional detailed information, e.g. on how to reach the staff of the examination office and much more. It is best to check our site from time to time, as it is updated regularly. Especially the section "Information for students" contains a lot of information.

I would like to briefly remind you of some important points:

  1. Accessibility of the examination office:
    The examination office is not open at the moment. Please contact us by phone or e-mail. It is absolutely necessary to make an appointment for a consultation on site.
  2. Wearing a mouth and nose cover (protective mask):
    When you enter the campus premises, please bring a mouth-and-nose mask with you. It is obligatory to wear a mask when visiting the library, when making an appointment at a service facility (e.g. examination office, study service), and especially when entering and leaving rooms where an examination inspection or examination is taking place. You can find out the specific regulations that apply here in the departments. You can also find the contact details on our website.
  3. Risk groups, participation in examinations:
    If you belong to a risk group or live together with a risk group, there may be a special regulation for participation in examinations.
    Please submit a corresponding application as soon as possible. The application must list the relevant examinations, must be justified in detail and must be supported by a current doctor's certificate. The certificate must therefore clearly confirm that you belong to a risk group. Please also explain which special arrangements would be conceivable for you.
    The application must be submitted to the Examination Office (by e-mail) and will be forwarded from there to the responsible examination board.
    It is conceivable, for example, that you could sit in the examination room at an even greater distance from the other examination candidates.

    Please bear in mind that the university will of course do everything in its power to comply with the legal requirements regarding distance and hygiene regulations. This causes a high organizational effort due to the necessary splitting of examinations into several rooms and the necessary personnel. The university must take into account that its staff may also belong to risk groups.

    Therefore: we try to find individual solutions for risk groups, but a complete implementation of all wishes cannot be guaranteed. Especially short-term requests cannot be implemented.
    Individual solutions always require a long lead time, so please submit your application as soon as possible, but at least 4 weeks before the examination date.
  4. Registration deadlines for examinations:
    Please remember that even in Corona times no later registration for exams is possible. Please note the deadline of three working days before the respective examination date, on which the registration period ends at 24:00 hrs. Therefore, please check regularly in the QIS when the deadline ends and whether you are already registered.
    Our advice: do not wait until the last day of the deadline to register if you actually want to take the exam.
    Please note that when counting days, only working days count; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays do not count towards the deadline.

    Current examples for clarification:
    Examination on Tuesday, 02.06.2020 = deadline was on Wednesday, 27.05.2020, 24:00 (Monday, 01.06.2020 is a public holiday)

    Examination on Friday, 12.06.2020 = end of deadline is on Monday, 08.06.2020 (Thursday, 11.06.2020 is a public holiday.

    Exam on Friday, 19.06.2020 = end of deadline is on Tuesday, 16.06.2020

    Examination on Monday, 22.06.2020 = deadline is Wednesday, 17.06.2020
  5. Cancellation of examinations:
    Appeal: cancel an examination early if you do not want to/can not participate. This will help us to organize the exams.
    Please do not wait until the end of the deadline three days before the exam (Department UPUT deregistration in the QIS) or until the day of the exam (Department UWUR, deregistration in the QIS before the deadline, afterwards please apply for withdrawal by mail to the Examination Office).
  6. Attempted cheating:
    Leave your cheat sheets or other unauthorized aids at home, turn off your cell phone during exams and place it out of your reach. Despite Corona, we will punish attempts at cheating and take action against them.
    Prepare yourself sufficiently for the exam and you will not need any deception at all. Not this semester anyway, since you have a free attempt!

On behalf of my team from the Examination Office, I wish you all the best, good luck with the examinations and above all health for you and your families. Together we will manage to get this extraordinary and certainly stressful summer semester 2020 off to a good start. Nobody can currently predict how the winter semester 2020/2021 will be, but we hope that more presence on campus will then be possible again.

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