Withdrawals from exams due to Corona

In case of Corona illness or contact, short-term withdrawals from examinations may be possible after consultation with the Examinations Office.

Withdrawal from examinations is generally only possible within the registration and withdrawal deadlines. This also applies within the context of the applicable Corona special regulations and in particular also for compulsory attempts. Withdrawal is possible at any time before the expiry of the withdrawal deadlines.
After expiry of the withdrawal deadline, withdrawal is only possible in accordance with the examination regulations for valid reasons and after submission of suitable evidence, e.g. a medical certificate.

If a Corona illness or a Corona contact is detected within the withdrawal deadlines, withdrawal from examinations is possible by yourself via the QIS. If this does not work, the request to enter the withdrawal can be sent by e-mail to the Examinations Office immediately.

If a Corona infection is detected after the withdrawal deadline has expired or notification is made of contact with a Corona-infected person and a compulsory quarantine or self-reliant segregation must take place in accordance with the Rhineland-Palatinate Segregation Ordinance, a short-term withdrawal from examinations will continue te be allowed.

In these cases, be sure to contact the Examinations Office immediately to clarify the details.
In principle, suitable evidence must be submitted (by the third working day after the examination at the latest).
Suitable evidence accepted includes, for example, medical certificates, a letter from the Health Office, the test result of a positive Corona test, or even an image of the Corona warning app notification, that can be assigned to a specific person. Official letters from the public health department must be submitted immediately after receipt.
The most practical solution is a medical certificate submitted in due time.

Please send any questions and messages to pruefungsamt-uput(at)umwelt-campus.de or pruefungsamt-uwur(at)umwelt-campus.de.

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