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Workshop “scientific research and writing methods and PhD-studies”

We offer a workshop on “scientific research and writing methods and PhD-studies” for all master students on the 25.09.2018 from 1pm-3pm.

The workshop focuses on outlooks and requirements of working in science.

The workshop introduces you to the core assumption on what makes up science, its techniques, tools of information research and other available help for scientific research and writing.

The process of doctoral studies is regarded as the first level on the way to science as a profession. The essential first steps and formal requirements of doctoral studies are covered in a brief overview. PhD-students of the environmental campus Birkenfeld talk about their experiences.

Questions on the content of this event can be addressed during the workshop in teams.


Preparatory course maths for master students of the EP/EE department

Master students of the EP/EE department have the opportunity to take part in a preparatory maths course. It will take place from the 19.09. to the 21.09.2018. For more information on this course, click here.


Introduction week Flying Days

The Flying Days take place from the 25.09. to the 28.09. and offer a great chance to get to know your fellow students as well as your campus.

Participation in the Flying Days is optional for master students.

For more information on the Flying Days, click here.


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Sarah Ulbert, M.Sc.
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Bianca Luther-Klee
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