Using network shares with Mac OS X

Network drive connections can be established from any computer belonging to the campus net, for example pool room computers, computers of students’ residences and office computers. If you use a personal computer or laptop, you first have to log in at VPN or wireless LAN and then connect with the file server.


Firstly, open the "Finder". 

Go to the action bar at the top screen border, find "Go" and select "Connect to Server...".
Proceed with the field "Server Address" and enter the path to the desired network share, for instance smb:// (lecture materials) or smb:// (personal share). Please substitute your login name (e.g.: s14a01) for yourLoginName

Go to "Connect". Here you will be asked to enter your login name and your password.

Enter "" in the field "Name". Enter your password in the field "Password". Login name and password were both given to you to use the computing centre’s services (Pools, VPN, WLAN, Webmail,...).

Confirm your entry by clicking "Connect"

In case of a successful connection a window with the contents of your network share will pop up.


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