E-prints and presentations

arXiv.org (computer sciences, mathematics, physics, quantitative biology, statistics etc.) http://ellersiek.de/info.gif
Directory of Open Access Repositories - OpenDOAR http://ellersiek.de/info.gif
EconStor (economics) http://ellersiek.de/info.gif
SlideShare (PowerPoint presentations, infographics etc.) http://ellersiek.de/info.gif
Online videos

LOTSE (German videos on information literacy) http://ellersiek.de/info.gif
UCB: YouTube channel http://ellersiek.de/info.gif

Campus Library

Basically: access via
campus computer
VPN connection (Opens external link in new windowinfo)

Special cases:
⋅ beck-online (Opens internal link in current windowinfo)
⋅ SpringerLink (Opens internal link in current windowinfo)