Trier University of Applied Sciences, Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (D TRIER 02)

general information about courses of study:


english study programs:

Bachelor’s Degree Program “Principles of Sustainable Business” - one or two semester exchange:

Bachelor’s Degree Program “Environment and Technology” - one or two semester exchange:

Bachelor's Degree Program "Sustainable Business and Technology" (B. Eng.) - three years:

Master’s Degree Program “International Material Flow Management” - two years:

SummerSchool “IT-Fundamentals of National Park Monitoring” - one week:

Contact details

Daniela Haubrich
Hochschule Trier, Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
International Office
P.O. Box 1380
55761 Birkenfeld

+49 6782 17-1843


Gebäude: 9924 Raum: 037