Dear Students,

the examination office you can find in house 9924, 1st floor north.

The officials in charge are in the following rooms:
Ms Claudia Endlich      9924 / 117, phone: 06782/17-1835
Mr Michael Heß           9924 / 119, phone: 06782/17-2652
Ms Christina Korb       9927 / 108, phone: 06782/17-1865

The Head of the examination office, Ms Gabi Stahl, you can find in room 9924 / 109, phone: 06782/17-1844.

Please look on our Site "Questions and Answers", maybe you can find the answer for your current question there.



Closing time of the examination office

The examination office is closed on  Monday, 12.02.2018 and on Tuesday, 13.02.2018 because of carnival.

Please send us your inquiries via email to the adresses below.

If one of these days is a deadline for you please come to the examination office before the closing time.


Important documents such as medical certificates or the application for a internal change of your course of study, can be put in the blue mailbox of the examination office at the wall in house 9924, 1st floor north.

We recommend you, to send medical certificates first via Email to the following adress of your faculty/department, to be sure that the certificate arrives in the examination office just in time (three Workdays after the day of the examination). Adresses: and 

The original of the certificate must be submitted. Please think of the supplement to certificates to be annexed to the certificate.

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