Change the language of your user profile on Windows

First of all, you need to login to the computer with your login data (username and password). Once the computer has started, navigate to the Windows “home button” in the bottom left corner and navigate to “Systemsteuerung”. If it can´t be found right away, you can also enter it in the search field.

A new window will pop up where you can see all functions included in the “Systemsteuerung” with their subpages. The one you will have to click on is named “Zeit, Sprache, Region”.


 Now the following subpage will appear:


Click on “Region und Sprache” to get to open up the window where you are able to change the language. In the window that opens up you click on the menu option “Tastaturen und Sprachen”.


 Now you can change the language under “Wählen sie eine Anzeigesprache aus”. Choose the required language out of the list and confirm with „OK “.

The computer will ask you now to log out and log in again. After the new login, every computer, connected to the university IT-infrastructure will from now on always load your profile in the previously chosen language.

Please understand, that it does not make sense to change the keyboard settings, since the keyboards connected to the computers at university are all set up according to the German version of the QWERTZ-keyboard.

If any problems occur, please contact the IT-department.

 +49 6782 17-1717

Fax +49 6782 17-1427


Gebäude Building: 9917