Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2016

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  • Naumann, Stefan; Trumm, Dominik; Filler, Andreas; Kern, Eva: OliviaMD – A Supportive Online Platform for the Visualization and Analyzation of Measurement Data. In: EASED@EnviroInfo 2016, Proceedings of the 30th EnviroInfo Conference 2016. Berlin. Seite: 323-328. 2016

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  • Kern, Eva: How to cast the approaches on green software engineering upon the world: Collection of ideas in order to exit the ivory tower. 2nd Green in Software Engineering (GInSEng) In: 4th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S). 29 August, Amsterdam, Niederlande. 2016

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  • Cepheli, Ö. ; Lücken, V.; Karabulut Kurt, G.; Dartmann, G.; Ascheid, G.: Physical layer security in the last mile technology of mobile networks, protecting mobile networks and devices: Challenges and solutions. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, Series in Security, Privacy and Trust. 2016


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