Flying Days from September 25th to September 28th 2018

Participation in the following introductory workshops and meetings is expected of first semester students at the ECB:

  • introduction to the different departments and the most important contacts
  • introduction to the best learning and studying techniques
  • introductory tour through the library and across the campus

Various workshops offer the new students the opportunity to get to know each other.

First semester students are asked to attend the welcoming event on September 25th 2018 at 9.00 am in the Communications Centre (building 9938). During this event, they will be given a detailed program of all introductory workshops, of which each student is asked to choose one.


The following workshops are offered:

  • Brettspiele bauen und spielen (Board games)
  • Beachvolleyball (Beach volleyball) *
  • Einführung in Adobe Photoshop (Introduction to Adobe Photoshop)
  • Fußball (Soccer) *
  • Tischtennis (Table tennis) *
  • Basketball *
  • Bouldern - Rocklands Sankt Wendel (Bouldering) */**
  • Naturkosmetik selbst herstellen (Handmade natural cosmetics)
  • Städtetouren mit dem Semesterticket (City tour (city and town hopping))
  • Tennis *
  • Kräuterschnecke (Herb spiral)
  • Squash */**
  • Active microscoping
  • Flag Football *
  • Wandern (Hiking)
  • FIFA-Turnier (Playstation) (FIFA world cup (Playstation))
  • Stofftüten der Umwelt zu Liebe (Cloth bags)
  • Slacklining am Campus *
  • Bandworkshop
  • Einführung in das Webdesign mit HTML und CSS (Introduction to web design with HTML and CSS)
  • Snacks/Smoothies
  • Zeichnen & Malen (Drawing & painting)
  • Fingerfood
  • Fußball-Tennis (Soccer-tennis)*
  • Allgemeine Einführung in das Studium BWL
  • Afrikanisches Kochen und Kultur (African cooking and culture)
  • Musik & Beats
  • Schnitzeljagd (Treasure hunt)
  • Holzbänke (Wood benches)
  • Bienenhotel bauen (Building a bee hotel)
  • Poker
  • Birkenfeld (Excursion to Birkenfeld)

* Please bring sportswear.
** Expenses are incurred.