Current Information on the Acquisition of medical certificates Concerning the Inability to Participate in an Exam

Please remember the stringently required presentation of supplementary sheet for the submission of medical certificates, unless you used the form “medical certificate” of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. Other medical certificates can only be dealt with, if the supplementary sheet is attached.

The received medical certificates for exams can only be registered when grading is finished on QIS (generally after the post-exam review). Medical certificates of the previous semester are therefore only ascertained at the beginning of the following semester. We ask you kindly not to get out of patience, if you recognize on QIS, that medical certificates is not yet registered and there is a 5,0 because of absence. The medical certificates will be captured as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Guideline for the Transcript of Records

Official Transcript of Records with Confirmation of the University (e.g. BaföG Office)

Official transcript of records with confirmation (signature and stamp) of the university can be received at the registrar’s office at the service point. Please follow the following steps:

At room 24/035 a student working place is situated for choosing the transcript of records. There is a computer, where the students are able to log in to the QIS-portal. A guideline on how to do this is posted right next to the computer.

The chosen transcript of records will be printed at the service point. The advisor adds the signature and stamp. Straight after printing, the sheet can be picked up at the service point.


Transcript of Records as a Personal Overview

Through following paths you will get to the link “QIS-Portal“ where you can get your personal transcript of records in German or English:

 Campus -> administration -> examination office -> contact to examination office: there you will find the link to the QIS-Portal


Students -> online platforms: there the link to the QIS-Portal will be on the right side

After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the login of the QIS-Portal on the website of Trier University. For logging in you need to enter your identification of the computing centre Birkenfeld (Windows/VPN-Login). If you do not have any yet, you will get one at the computing centre.

After this you will get to the area „my functions“. Here you can register or deregister for exams, you can see an overview of your registered exams, you can get your transcript of records and download it as PDF.

Through the link “downloads” you will get an overview of the possible transcripts of records and you can click on the transcript of records you want for downloading and printing. The transcripts are in German or English.

Out of the campus network you will have to connect through VPN. Therefore, please follow the instructions of the computing centre to install the  Einrichtung eines VPNwith the Cisco-VPN-Client. Afterwards you can obtain your transcript of records as explained above.

If there are any questions please contact the examination office or the computing centre.

Internal Change of the course of study

Please contact the examination office for an internal change of major. There you will receive extensive advice and the needed forms.

Thesis and Finishing Your Studies

This can be found as a download link in the slot “Forms for Students”. Please choose the form applicable for you from your department.