Black/White (costs: € 0,05 per copy, DIN-A4 sheet)

  • 9915 / 111 (student work room) (studpool)
  • 9917 / 040 (17eg-sw)
  • 9917 / OG (upper floor, hallway crossing) (17og-sw)
  • ZN / Library (copy room) (bib)

Colour(costs: € 0,15 per copy, DIN-A4 sheet)

  • 9917 / 040 (17eg-color)


All printers have a card reading device and a small touchscreen (output terminal). After your printing order has been sent to the printer it can be recalled at the output terminal. Please mark your order at the touchscreen and push the "Drucken" button. A list showing the costs of your printing order will be seen. Then, please insert your copy card in the reading device and check the details on the touchscreen once again. Please select the "Drucken" button to start printing.

Please note that you have to recall your documents at the respective output terminal within four hours or else they will be deleted automatically.


 +49 6782 17-1717

Fax +49 6782 17-1427


Gebäude Building: 9917