You have the possibility to send print jobs to the devices in the copy room of the library (entrance area, near the journals). You can select:

  • for black-and-white-printings:

    device: printer
    name: bib an PCOUNTER
    costs: € 0,05 per sheet (DIN A4)

  • especially for color printings:

    device: copy machine
    name: bib-color an PCOUNTER
    costs: € 0,15 per sheet (DIN A4)

In the case of questions or any difficulties please contact our team at the information desk!

Instructions: Print orders from terminal workstations

To place a print order from one of the terminal workstations please start the printer menu of your user software, then choose

  • printer via bib an PCOUNTER or
  • copy machine via bib-color an PCOUNTER .

Send your print job and go to the printer in the copy room. Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: At the printer you can find a small touchscreen (output terminal). Your print order will be listed here. Mark your order and push the print button.
  • Step 2: A list of your printing costs will be seen. Insert your copy card in the card reader next to the printer. Note: Please wait for the copy card to be pulled in!

  • Step 3: Please check the details of your print order one more time. If everything is correct, start printing by using the print button.

Print jobs that were sent to the printer will be printed by the printer; print jobs sent to the copy machine by the copy machine.

Instructions: Print orders via Wifi

1.) Preparations: Authenticate your notebook at the printing server. Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the "Ausführen-Dialog" ["perform/execution dialogue"]:
    (a) Push the Windows key + R, or
    (b) klick on the start button (below left) and fill "Ausführen" ["execute"]
    in the search line.
  • Step 2: A dialogue window will open up. Type \\ in the address line and confirm with Enter.
  • Step 3: A login window will open up. Fill in your e-mail address at the top line and your password at the bottom.
  • Step 4: A window showing all available printers will open up. Select the printer bib with a double click. By this way it will automatically be installed in your computer (provided that the required driver is available for the system. If this is not the case you can download the driver from the server by clicking Treiber installieren [install driver]).

2.) Printing
: Start the printer menu of your user software (e.g. Microsoft Word) and proceed as described above in Print orders from terminal workstations.

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