Study carrels

The campus library has four study carrels which are ideal for team work:

  • three rooms for group work
    technical equipment: one thin client and whiteboard in each carrel

  • one multimedia room
    technical equipment: one thin client, whiteboard and Blu-ray player

If you are a group - that is: two persons or more -, you have the option to reserve a carrel. The respective list is hanging on the outside of the carrel door. You can enter your times by your own (maximal four hours per day and group).

The Blu-ray player can be used to view science-orientated DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

Terms of use

Usage of the study carrels

The study carrels serve primarily as learning and working rooms for groups by at least two persons.
The study carrels can be reserved for a limited period of time: maximally four hours per day and group. If there is no reservation for a carrel, the carrel can be used by groups without a reservation or by single persons. Reservation has priority over free usage. Groups have priority over single persons.
The right of a conducted reservation expires, if the carrel is not used 15 minutes after the begin of the reserved period of time.
If a carrel is not occupied for more than thirty minutes, it can be cleared. In the period between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm it is possible to insert a pause of one hour. Use the parking discs to display at which time you have left the carrel.
The multimedia carrel can also be used by single persons, but only to use the Blu-ray player.

Clearing of the study carrels

Each person who uses a study carrel agrees to the following: The carrel can be cleared compulsorily by other users without any information or call, if these users hold a reservation for this carrel in this time. There is a box for the provisional storage of the found items in each carrel for this purpose.
Items that are removed in course of a forced clearing are treated in the same way as lost items and will be placed in safe custody by the library. The exception to this are foodstuffs: They are disposed immediately without any claim for reimbursement. Lost items are kept in the library until the end of the week. After that they are delivered to the lost property service of UCB Contact.


The storage of items in a study carrel is not deemed as safe custody by the library. The library assumes no liability for items brought in by users.

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