The copy machine is located in the copy room of the library (entrance area, near the journals). For making copies you need a copy card. Costs per sheet (DIN A4):

  • black/white: € 0,05
  • colour: € 0,15

The reading device for the copy card is on the right side of the copy machine. In the case of questions or any difficulties please contact our team at the information desk.

How do I get a copy card?

You can buy a copy card at the copy card machine. It is hanging outside, on the right hand side of the library entrance.

A deposit of € 1,00 per copy card has to be left. When you need your card no longer, you can return it to the computing centre and receive your deposit.

Hint: Label your card with name and matriculation number! Only then we can inform you in the case you should have forgotten your card in the reading device.

How do I reload my copy card?

You can reload your copy card with notes or coins at the copy card machine. Note: No change!

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