Reference management software

Licence for all members of the Trier UAS: Citavi

licenced edition: Citavi for Windows
current version: 5.7, state: October 2017
licence period: until 30-11-2018, extension is intended
operating systems: • Windows Vista to Windows 10
• Mac users need a virtualization solution (e. g. Parallels) and Windows
cooperation with: • MS Word
• OpenOffice, LibreOffice
• LaTeX: LEd, LyX, Texmaker, TeXnicCenter, TeXstudio, TeXworks, WinEdt, WinShell
data storing: • locally on the hard disk or a USB flash drive
• as of Citavi 6: Citavi cloud
user interface: • German
• English and others
functions (e. g.): • import literature references
• manage literature references
• collect quotations (direct, paraphrased)
• manage quotations
• search for literature and free accessible full texts
• insert citations and quotations
• generate automatically lists of references (available: more than 7.500 citation systems)
further information: • Citavi (licence, installation etc.): click here
• Alternatives: click here

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