Set up a Wi-Fi connection with an iOS device

This instruction describes the steps you have to take to successfully connect your iOS device to the Wi-Fi of the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld.

The instruction has been made exemplary on an iPhone running iOS 10. However, the steps should be identical on every iOS device.


Go to "Settings" and then navigate to "Wi-Fi"”. You will see all available Wi-Fi connections listed.

Choose the network "eduroam".

Your device will ask you for your login data. In the field "username" please type your username and add "" just as shown in the picture below. In the field "password" please type in your password.

Then hit "Join".

Accept the certificate by hitting "Trust" on top of the screen, right hand sight.

Your device has been successfully connected.

If any problems occur while trying to set up the network connection, please check our FAQ for help or visit the following page provided by the Trier University of Applied Science: Opens internal link in current windowFAQ !


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