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At the beginning of your studies you will receive a student ID as well as a routing slip providing all of the important information for your student account (user ID). With this information you are able to log in on the computers at the computer pools (building 9917), on computers at the student work space (building 9915, room 111) as well as on computers at the library.
Furthermore, your account allows access to the following services:

Besides the Opens internal link in current windowuser rules, you will find further information about your password on the following subpages:
Opens internal link in current windowChange passwordOpens internal link in current windowForgotten password und den Opens internal link in current windowPassword requirements.

Please notice, that your matriculation number as well as your user ID remain the same for the entire time of your studies. Also in case of changing the field of your studies or subsequent master degree studies.

If there are any questions or problems regarding your account after thorough research, please send us an email to !

 +49 6782 17-1717

Fax +49 6782 17-1427


Gebäude Building: 9917