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Datenbase wiso: Tilasto - the statistics scout

Under the name "Tilasto", the statistics module of the datebase wiso has been extended to a holistic statistics portal for educational institutions, companies and public libraries.

Besides 200.000 new statistics the portal offers now a whole string of additional functions:

  • currency conversion for the unification of local currency values 
  • data comparison within statistics
  • connection of related statistics
  • new types of diagrams (e. g. horizontal bar charts)
  • additional visualizations (world map with bubble charts)

You can access Tilasto as usual via the media navigation of Opens external link in new windowwiso (campus computers/VPN).

Exhibition until 26/06/2017: Ernst Slavik. "Sisyphos". Material pictures and graphical works

Until 26 June 2017, works of the Idar-Oberstein-based artist Ernst Slavik are exhibited by the library of the Environmental Campus.

The exhibition can be visited during the Opens internal link in current windowopening hours of the library.

There is no entry fee!

Further information: Opens internal link in current windowevents.

Citavi: English language tutorials on YouTube

Citavi is a Windows-based reference management system that helps you to search, collect, organize and cite information. The Trier University of Applied Sciences has licensed it for every member of the university.

To get a first impression and learn how to use it - visit the Citavi channel on YouTube:

For further information regarding installation etc.: click here.

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