Citavi 5: reference management and knowledge organisation

Citavi is a reference management system and usable with a German or an English interface. It can help you to

  • search library catalogues and databases
  • collect PDF articles and create screenshots of Web pages
  • save your comments and evaluations
  • organize your knowledge
  • plan tasks and
  • write your paper (by inserting citations and a bibliography)

Citavi campus licence:
As a student or employee of the Trier UAS (incl. ECB) you can download a full version of the software called Citavi 5 Pro.

Link to the Citavi website (English version): Opens external link in new window

Which technical requirements have to be met with?

Citavi is a Windows-based software and runs on computers with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2008/2003. It works together with Word, Writer (Open Office) and LaTeX-Editors.

Important hint for Mac users: Mac OS users can operate Citavi with the help of a virtual machine like Parallels Desktop (6 or later). Find a detailed user information here: Opens external link in new window

Licence information

For the time being, the campus licence is valid until the end of October 2017. An extension is planned.

(1.) If, contrary to expectations, the licence will not be extended your „Citavi Pro“ version will be converted to the „Citavi Free“ version. In this case, all data will stay safe and accessible. Please note that from then on you cannot collect more than 100 references in one project. But you can set up as many projects as you like. Old projects with more than 100 references can be viewed but not changed.

(2.) Personal Citavi Pro licences for an indefinite period can be aquired anytime. The price for students and private users is € 120.00 at the moment. If you buy the licence within the term of the campus licence you will get a discount of 50 % (as at January 2012).

How can I install Citavi?

  • First step: Download the Citavi free version at Opens external link in new window and install "Citavi free" on your computer or USB flash drive.

  • Second step: Go to Opens external link in new window and click on "Citavi-Lizenz für Studierende" ["Citavi licence for students"]. A new window will open. Fill out the form. By choosing "Ja" ["Yes"] you declare that you are a regular student of the Trier UAS, incl. ECB.

    Important: Please use your ECB email address ( on the order form sheet! This is to proof that you are a member of the Trier UAS.

  • Third step: You will receive an email in German, subject: "Ihre Lizenzdaten für Citavi" ["Your licence data for Citavi"]. It contains your "Lizenzschlüssel" ["licence key"]. Proceed as follows:

    1. Copy the email content into the clipboard: Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C [German keyboards: Strg+A and Strg+C].
    2. Start Citavi Free.
    3. Click "Lizenzdaten" ["licence data"] in the start window.
    4. Click "Lizenzdaten eingeben" ["input licence data"].
    5. Confirm the contract by pushing "Akzeptieren" ["accept"] and click "Fertig" ["finished"].

  • Fourth step: Go to "Extras" ["Tools"] in the upper menu bar of Citavi and select "Sprache wechseln" > "Englisch" ["Change language" > "English"].

  • Fifth step (optional): If you like you can import the ECB Citavi research setting - a default collection of catalogues and databases, which is tailored to the needs of ECB students.

    To do this, you have to download this Initiates file downloadZIP archive and extract it (The result will be a .csd file.). Proceed as follows:

    1. On the "Tools" menu, click "Import or export settings".
    2. Click "Import" and then click "Browse".
    3. Choose the settings .csd file and click "Open".
    4. Select the settings you want to import and click "Finish".
    5. Citavi tells you that the import was successful. Click "OK".

What is Citavi Picker? How can I activate it?

Citavi Picker is an add-on which helps you to import information from the web to Citavi. This is what you can do with only one mouse click:

  • transcribe references from websites,
  • list documents in Citavi,
  • store texts and graphics as citations,
  • list abstracts, directories etc.

The add-on needs to be (a) installed and (b) activated in your browser.

  • to a): As a rule the Citavi Picker is installed together with the Citavi software itself. Still, it can be installed manually via the Citavi menu "Help" → "Install or remove Citavi Pickers".
  • to b): For the time being your browser might possibly deactivate the Citavi Picker. You can tell for instance by choosing a book at amazon: the red and white Citavi logo will not show behind the ISBN. In this case activate the add-on (For instance via Mozilla Firefox: Select "Add-ons" in the browser menu and activate the Citavi Picker.).