Reference management and knowledge organisation with Citavi

The Trier University of Applied Sciences has purchased the Citavi campus licence (preliminary up to end November 2018): Every member of the Environmental Campus can use the full version Citavi for Windows for free.

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Licencing notices: Citavi Free and Citavi for Windows

There are three Citavi editions, among them (a) Citavi Free and (b) Citavi for Windows.

(a) Citavi Free is the free basis version of the software. It offers the user every function of the programme. Only limitation: You cannot save if you have more than 100 references in a project.

(b) Citavi for Windows is the commercial full version for single users or small teams. In contrast to Citavi Free it allows projects with an unlimited number of references (practical limitation: up to 100,000 references).
The Trier UAS has licenced Citavi for Windows. Preliminary licence period: up to end November 2018. An extension is intended. The campus licence allows every member of the Trier UAS (students and employees) to use Citavi for Windows during the licence period.
If you leave the Trier UAS or if the Trier UAS do not extend the licence, your Citavi installation will be downgraded to Citavi Free. Consequence: You cannot save references in projects containing already more than 100 references.
You can acquire an personal licence for Citavi for Windows for an indefinite period. If you buy the licence within in the term of the campus licence you will get a discount of 50%.
Manual information: click here
System requirements

Operating systems: Windows Vista to Windows 10 (Mac users need a virtualization solution, e. g. Parallels, and Windows). Alternative: Windows Server 2008 or 2012
Memory: 4 GB RAM or more recommended
For use in team (Citavi for Windows): access to a Windows network share (LAN)
Cooperates with: MS Word 2007 to 2016 (32- or 64-bit); OpenOffice 4, LibreOffice 4 and 5 (32-bit); LEd, LyX, TeXMaker, TeXnicCenter, TeXstudio, TeXworks, WinEdt or WinShell
Manual information: click here
Installation and licence activation

Install Citavi Free on your computer or an USB flash drive: click here
Use the following link and register for your Citavi account (use your environmental campus e-mail-address!): click here
You can find your licence key in your Citavi account. Copy the licence key to the Clipboard.
Start Citavi and click "License" > "Enter a license key". Citavi will automatically recognize the licence key in the Clipboard.
Manual information: click here (installation) and click here (licence activation)
Citavi Picker

The Pickers help you quickly add information from websites or PDF files to your Citavi project. They are automatically installed when you install Citavi, unless you choose not to install them.
Available for: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer; Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader
Notice: The Pickers are not available if you install Citavi on an USB flash drive.
Manual information: click here (activation)
Word-Add-In and Publication Assistant

MS Word: Using the Add-In for Word, you can insert references and knowledge items from your Citavi project into your document exactly as prescribed by your selected citation style. When you install Citavi the Add-In for Word is automatically installed as well, as long as Microsoft Word 2016, 2013, 2010, or 2007 is installed on your computer. The Add-In appears under the Citavi tab in Word.
OpenOffice, LibreOffice and LaTeX editors: References and quotations will be inserted in your document via the Publication Assistant.
Manual information: click here (Word-Add-In), click here (OpenOffice, LibreOffice) and click here (LaTeX editors)
Collaborating in a team (Citavi for Windows)

Start Citavi. On the welcome screen, click "New project".
Choose a name for the project.
Save the project in a folder that all team members can access.
Let the other team members know where the project has been saved. All users with a Citavi license and access to the network folder can now edit the project.
Technical requirements: (a) No more than three people should make changes to the project at the same time. (b) The project must be saved on a Windows network share (LAN) that all team members have access to.
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