What is a dual degree programme?

The Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Education Act defines dual degree courses as university degree courses, in which vocational training, e.g. in business, technology or social services, is integrated into the regular course structure of a university degree. During the four-year course, study periods and practical phases are rotated.  

This means that students complete their university education and vocational training simultaneously. Both are interlinked and complementary. Students thus earn a university degree as well as a recognised, professional qualification.  

Therefore, a dual degree programme combines high-quality academic studies with practical, hands-on training. In addition, students generally receive a salary. This combination of fundamental, scientific principles and practice-oriented training significantly facilitates students’ career entry.

Benefits for students

    • The programme offers two Europe-wide recognised qualifications (vocational and academic degree)
    • Perfect integration of academic knowledge and practical, operational training
    • Due to the cooperation between vocational training and academic course content, the programme duration is shortened
    • Early career entry and smooth transition from study to work life
    • Excellent job and career prospects upon graduation
    • Financial security



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