Mailing lists and service addresses

General information:

To avoid abuse by commercial mass mailers, larger mailing lists cannot be addressed directly. Please notice, that attachments might not be forwarded (this includes graphics embedded into the mail)!

Refined distribution of information:

Please chose your recipients carefully. Keep in mind, that there is exclusive campus internal information which is only meant for selected recipients. Do not spread information thoughtlessly but also consider who this information is relevant for and who might react annoyed by receiving irrelevant information.

Remember, nobody wants to receive mail containing the same content on a daily basis, otherwise your information might end up in recipients SPAM folders.

Use your campus E-Mail address!

If sending out mails in the position of an employee of the campus, please understand that it is necessary to use your campus email address, since it proves you´re belonging to the university.

Relation to the university!

Emails which only pursue commercial use or private interests and do not refer to a university relevant matter, will not be forwarded. Mails identified as such will be ignored.

Avoid attachments!

The relation between informational content and size is by power of ten higher for attachments than for normal text in a mail! Go easy on resources!

If a formatted document is necessary, please drop the file for example on your homepage and refer to it by adding a link to your text.

Service addresses

Anyone may write to service addresses. Usually they are handled by numerous persons and generally ensure a fast processing also during vacation times. 

 +49 6782 17-1717

Fax +49 6782 17-1427


Gebäude Building: 9917