Mobile access

On the entire campus area, the mobile access through wireless LAN is possible. Campus wide currently 57 access points perform their work and ensure a high signal availability and quality as well as high performance of the wireless network.

By the renewal of the wireless infrastructure in summer 2010, transfer rates up to 300Mbit/s are supported. By authenticating directly on the access point, the usage of a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection becomes unnecessary.

Your wireless connection is also protected by a tap-proof WPA2/AES encryption. If your device supports only WPA/TKIP encryption, we recommend a firmware upgrade or a purchase of a new wireless network adapter to optimally protect your wireless connection.

Installation instructions for the wireless connection are available for a wide range of operating systems:

The instructions for importing the required certificates can be found here.

The Trier University of Applied Science with its locations is part of the eduroam system (education roaming) which allows every employee as well as the students to connect to the Wi-Fi of every other university which is participating in this program. The benefit is, that you don´t have to get a guest access but can directly log in by using your university issued login data if you´re on travels, a semester abroad, etc. By now almost every European country has universities which are participating in this program and more and more universities start to join the research network.

You can find all universities with their locations that are part of the network on Opens external link in new windowwww.eduroam.org

On the following subpages you will find instructions to connect to the Wi-Fi with Opens internal link in current windowWindows, Opens internal link in current windowMacOS X, Opens internal link in current windowiOS, Opens internal link in current windowAndroid, and Windows phone.

Based on the instruction you may need to install certain certificates. Therefore, we provide an instruction of how to import certificates Import von Zertifikaten

If any problems occur despite thorough research of our instructions, please check the FAQ.

Remote Access

Using a secure VPN connection, access on the way / from home is possible. It requires an established internet connection and an installed Cisco VPN client. An installation guide for the Cisco VPN client can be found here.


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