Network drives

A personal file on our file server is provided for every member of the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld to save his or her personal data.

The benefit is that your data is securely saved in this directory since a backup is made on a daily basis and additionally to that a versioning of your data is available. Furthermore, it is possible to access your files via the campus internal WIFI as well as from home via the VPN connection.

A network driver connection is possible on every computer that is connected to the campus network. This includes for example the computers in the PC-pools, the computers in the dorms and the computers in the offices of the Umwelt-Campus. On these computers the personal file is directly available under the drive “Z:”. On every other computer besides these, a VPN connection or a WIFI connection to the university WIFI has to be set up, in order to get access to the network drive.

Besides your personal file there is a file on this data server, on which professors and employees of the university can provide material for lectures. This file can be found under \\\domain  .


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