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Seafile is an open source software for employees and students of universities in Rhineland-Palatinate.

You can find the Seafile portal here: Opens external link in new windowseafile.rlp.net !

The software focusses on integrated data synchronization as well as protection and privacy of the users and promotes teamwork. Parent folders are named libraries. Each library can be synchronized separately. Users can assign a password to the libraries to protect them from fraudulent use. The password is not saved on the servers which means that not even the administrator can view the data within a password protected library. Users can set up groups in Seafile in which data can be shared and synchronized with participating users of a group. Furthermore there is a wiki and a discussion portal available on Seafile. All this ensures a good teamwork and exchange of information within a team.

All information about Seafile can be found on the pages of the Opens external link in new windowRegionalen HochschulRechenzentrums Kaiserslautern .




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