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Sprache und Kommunikation | Language and Communication

  • Englisch und Französisch als Fachsprachen | English and French for Specific Purposes
  • Sprachangebote in Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch und weiteren Sprachen | Language courses in English, French, Italian, Spanish, among others
  • Interkulturelle Kommunikation | Intercultural Communication
  • Internationale Wirtschaftskommunikation & digitale Wirtschaft | International business communication & digital business
  • Angewandte Sprachforschung | Applied Linguistics
  • Internationale Forschungsprojekte zur internationalen Kommunikation | International research projects on international communication
  • Weiterbildungsangebote zu Sprachen & interkultureller Kommunikation | Continuing education in languages & intercultural communication

News: Ringvorlesung | Lecture Series

Die im Sommersemester 2017 am Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld stattfindende Ringvorlesung ist dem Thema “New Trends in International Communication – Doing Business in a Digital World” gewidmet und verspricht spannende Vorträge von regionalen, überregionalen sowie internationalen Referenten aus Sprach-, Kommunikations- und Wirtschaftswissenschaft zu aktuellen Themen aus der internationalen Zusammenarbeit und der digitalen Wirtschaft. Die Veranstaltungsreihe findet in englischer Sprache statt und kann als Teil von Studien - oder Weiterbildungsprogrammen anerkannt werden.

Informationen zur Anerkennung finden Sie Opens internal link in current windowhier

Seien auch Sie dabei! Mittwochs ab 18:00 Uhr in Raum ZN 005.

Our lecture series in the summer semester 2017 at the Environmental campus Birkenfeld focuses on “New Trends in International Communication – Doing Business in a Digital World” and promises exciting talks by regional, national and international guest speakers from linguistics, communication  science and economics on current issues in international communication, cooperation and applied aspects of digital business. Students and external visitors can receive credits for visiting the lecture - see Opens internal link in current windowhere (in German)

Join us on Wednesdays from 18:00 at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, room ZN 005. 


Nächste Termine| Next Lectures:

24. Mai 2017

Prof. Dr. Enrico Careglio, Trier University of Applied Sciences

“The challenges of product development for the domestic and international market”

31. Mai 2017

Miya Komori-Glatz, WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

“Business English as a Lingua Franca in multicultural student teamwork”

Meet our next guest lecturer: Prof. Dr. Enrico Careglio, Trier University of Applied Sciences

Enrico Careglio is professor at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Head of the Department of Food Technology, and Academic Coordinator for International Affairs. He is head of the laboratory for food sensor technology and responsible for the technical laboratory of food technology. His research priorities lie in the field of confectionery and the preparation of alternative raw-material concepts for product development.

News: Zukunftszeit | Time for the Future

Internationale Studierende sammeln über 60 Stunden Zukunftszeit am Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld | International students collect more than 60 hours of time for the future at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Mit einem interkulturellen Abend hat der Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld der Hochschule Trier am Montag am Projekt „Zukunftszeit – Gemeinsam für ein buntes Land“ des BDKJ (Opens external link in new windowwww.zukunftszeit.de) teilgenommen. Die Aktion wurde im Vorfeld der Bundestagswahlen ins Leben gerufen und sammelt für die vier Jahre (etwa 35.000 Stunden) der nächsten Legislaturperiode Zukunftszeit in Form von Engagement für Toleranz und gegen Menschenfeindlichkeit. Es wurden seit März dabei in ganz Deutschland bereits mehr als 33.700 Stunden Zukunftszeit gesammelt.

Marie-Louise Brunner, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin für Sprache und Kommunikation am Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld, organisierte das Projekt, in dem deutsche und internationale Studierende kulturelle Besonderheiten ihrer jeweiligen Heimatländer vorstellten und diskutierten, um kulturelle Vielfalt erlebbar zu machen und Berührungsängste abzubauen. Dabei sammelten die Studierenden gemeinsam über 60 Stunden Zukunftszeit (= Teilnehmer x Zeit). Von der kulturellen Rolle von Stutenmilch in Kirgistan über das Zusammenleben verschiedener Kulturen auf Réunion im Indischen Ozean, marokkanische Hochzeitsbräuche oder auch die traditionelle Bauweise koreanischer Häuser, das chinesische Herbstfestival und traditionelle Kleidung in Norwegen bis zu Problemen bei der deutschen Direktheit erfuhren die deutschen und internationalen Teilnehmenden viel Neues über die insgesamt neun vertretenen Kulturen aus aller Welt.

Der Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld empfängt jedes Semester neue internationale Studierende aus den unterschiedlichsten Ländern, die für ein halbes Jahr oder länger an Deutschlands erstem Zero-Emission-Campus die Zukunftsthemen Nachhaltigkeit und Globalisierung erforschen.

It is just before midnight! – The Environmental Campus helps collecting time for the future

In the context of the global shock in January 2017 when the Doomsday Clock (http://thebulletin.org/timeline) of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was announced to move to 2 ½ minutes to midnight, right on time for the presidential inauguration in the US, the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (UCB) is collecting time for the future.

The Project:

The UCB takes part in the project “Zukunftszeit – Gemeinsam für ein buntes Land” (Time for the future – Together for a colorful country, www.zukunftszeit.de) organized by the BDKJ by arranging an intercultural encounter. The Project was initiated in the context of the German federal elections and collects time in the form of activities dedicated to increasing tolerance and fighting prejudice and hate. The ECB contributes hours in form of an intercultural evening where German and international students present particular cultural characteristics (festivities, traditions, food, etc.) of their home countries. Different cultures can be experienced first-hand and discussed to reduce prejudice, make cultural diversity a tangible experience and, at the same time, help international students with integrating more easily into the German way of life at Trier University of Applied Sciences.


Recent guest lecturers: Prof. Dr. Claudia Polzin-Haumann & Dr. Christina Reissner


Prof. Dr. Claudia Polzin-Haumann is professor for Romance Linguistics at Saarland University and also holds the post of Vice President for Europe and International Affairs. Her research focuses on synchronic and diachronic French and Spanish linguistics, in particular contrastive and comparative linguistics, text and variety linguistics and grammar description of Romance languages. She frequently advises institutions and companies on applied language and language education issues and has completed numerous research projects in this field. She is co-editor of the interdisciplinary online journal metaphorik.de and the journal "Romance and Applied Linguistics" and also heads the Center for French Studies at Saarland University. 

Dr. Christina Reissner is a tenured lecturer and researcher at Saarland University. Her research interests include general, synchronic and historical linguistics as well as intercomprehension, multilingualism, early learning and teaching of foreign languages and language and education policy especially in the EU and the Council of Europe. She has worked on numerous projects, most recently the evaluation of language tests for the Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture.



Recent guest lecturer: Nils Teuber

Nils Teuber is director at the creative agency MEFA MEDIENFABRIK in Luxemburg. After a commercial education in marketing communication he received his Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration) at eufom Luxemburg. He is lecturer for communication design at Trier University of Applied Sciences and company consultant for new CI processes, realizing campaigns as well as communication actions. He is manager, consultant, strategist and a man of action in one person.

Recent guest lecturer: Eric Staley

Dr. Eric Staley is Senior Fellow at the University of Missouri and founder and President of Missionmapping Consulting. Prior to becoming a full-time consultant, Eric served as Vice President and chief development officer of three universities and the CEO of a national arts and education nonprofit organization. He is certified in social entrepreneurship by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and will represent the United States’ social entrepreneurship efforts through a 10-city lecture tour in Germany in May, 2017, sponsored by the German and American governments and the German-American Institute.

Recent guest lecturers: Andrew Kehoe & Matt Gee

Andrew Kehoe is Associate Professor at Birmingham City University, Deputy Head of School, and Director of the Research and Development Unit for English Studies (RDUES). He worked as a linguistic consultant on a product launch campaign by Procter & Gamble, manufacturer of a new range of fragrances licensed under the Puma brand. He has research interests in all aspects of Corpus Linguistics, including the development of software tools for the identification and visualization of language change across time. He has a particular interest in the use of the web as a source of natural language data and has expertise in the areas of search engine design, topic detection and indexing, web document formats, and the extraction of authorship date from web documents. He is currently exploring further opportunities for commercial engagement.

Matt Gee is a researcher for English at the School of English at Birmingham City University. He develops research and teaching tools in the Research and Development Unit for English Studies (RDUES). He is currently developing eMargin, a web-based tool which replicates the practice of close reading by allowing the annotation and discussion of digital texts. He also maintains and develops tools from previous and ongoing RDUES projects, including WebCorp Live, Repulsion and ACRONYM. Matt is interested in all aspects of Corpus Linguistics, in particular the use of the Web as a source of natural language data. He is also interested in collaborative e-learning and research tools.

Französisch am Campus

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Meet the Team

Marie-Louise Brunner
Sina Burghardt
Sílvia Carvalho
Caroline Collet
Stefan Diemer
Christina Juen
Aloisia Sens
Martina Witt-Jauch

Konferenzpräsentationen | Upcoming Conference Presentations

  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. July 2017. Negotiating identities in English as a Lingua Franca communication via Skype. AILA - 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. July 2017. “... and their aim or their goal is ... to understand each other.” – Using data from an ELF corpus of Skype conversations to illustrate and enhance communicative strategies in a classroom context. Invited talk at ELF Research Network (ELF ReN) Symposium on ELF and Language pedagogy at AILA - 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise. July 2017. “Uh … potat- uh pancake pancakish potato, […] it's called Dibbelabbes ((chuckles)).” – Defining code-switches in English as a Lingua Franca Skype conversations. Paper presented at 15th International Pragmatics Conference ( IPrA 15), Belfast, UK.
  • Collet, Caroline; and Stefan Diemer. July 2017. “Mhm, ... okay so u:h, maybe we should start” – The use of ‘so’ and ‘okay’ in English as a Lingua Franca Skype conversations. Paper presented at 15th International Pragmatics Conference ( IPrA 15), Belfast, UK.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. July 2017. Describing likes and dislikes regarding known and unknown food items in German Taster Lunches. Paper presented at 15th International Pragmatics Conference ( IPrA 15), Belfast, UK.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. June 2017. Multimodal meaning making in a corpus of Skype conversations. Invited talk at Department of English and American Studies, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. June 2017. Gesture as means of {air quotes} meaning making in ELF Skype conversations. Paper presented at ELF10, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. June 2017. Developing a taxonomy of gestures in multimodal communication via Skype. Paper presented at  International Conference on Multimodal Communication: Developing New Theories and Methods (ICMC), Osnabrück.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; Stefan Diemer; and Selina Schmidt. May 2017. Multimodal meaning making: Developing a taxonomy for the transcription of gesture in a corpus of Skype conversations. Paper presented at ICME38, Prague, Czech Republic.

Lehrende und Forschende | Faculty

 Externe Lehrende | Adjunct Faculty

  • Nicole Häffner
  • Zhou Li

 DoktorandInnen | Doctoral Researchers

 Hilfskräfte | Student and Graduate Researchers

  • Yasmin Younis