Configure VPN-Access

To access the resources and services of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld from home / on the way, a secure VPN connection is required. This installation guide shows how to install and configure the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to establish a VPN connection.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Initiates file downloadWindows
  • macOS
  • Linux (for 64-bit OS versions additional libraries need to be installed (see Release Notes at the end)

Supported Mobile Devices:


Please look for the right version of the Cisco AnyConnect Client according to your mobile device and Android-Release in the Opens external link in new windowGoogle play Store. After installing the correct version you are able to establish a vpn connection by entering in the Connect To: box of the client.


Please install the Cisco AnyConnect client through Apple Store. After installation you are able to establish a vpn connection by entering in the Connect To: box of the client. 


  • Please install the needed certificates if applicable (instructions can be found here)
  • Navigate to using your favourite browser.
  • Login by using your username and password.
  • Now the automatically discovers your OS version and starts the client download (administrator rights are required for installation)
  • As soon as the installation was successfully completed, a secure vpn connection will be established. By using the tray in Windows respectively the menu bar in Mac OS X and Linux you are able to open gui window of the vpn client.
  • In case the automatic installation fails, you can manually download and install the client. A connection can be established by entering in the Connect To: box of the client. 
  • You are able to open the client using the start menu respectively the program menu. Local LAN access can be activated in the preferences menu.
  • Login by using your username (add "") and password.

Please double check that you have installed the certificates required for the ssl connection - if you get a security error opening you have to install the certificates as described here.

Notes for Firefox users

In spite of correctly installed certificates sometimes the firefox browser shows a security error, this can be avoided by opening at first.

Cisco Release Notes

If you carefully read the instructions above and if you are still facing problems please refer to the client release notes and the client FAQ on the official cisco homepage:


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