Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Gerke

Robotics, Vision and Control

The robotics and automation group at the ecb (environmental campus Birkenfeld) is specialized in the development of  new control and robotic applications. Presently the demand of such technologies is driven by the need of energy saving strategies and raw material savings.

The research in robotics  is based on new methods in remanufacturing and dismantling  of electrical components. The idea is to use robotic assistants to disassemble e.g. electric motors. The rotor or the stator of the motor is equipped with high efficient magnets consisting of rare earth elements. The reuse of the rotor ist possible without any interference. But also other components of a electric motor can be used again in new products. It is necessary to inspect the parts after the disassembly.

Robotic assistant system for remanufacturing of components of electric drives

In a cooperation with the well known company SEW Eurodrive new technologies for disassembling all components of a drive system including the gearwheels will be developped. In a test bed with several robots, sensor systems, new data base structures and new developped mechanical grippers  the cost efficient and fast dismantling technologies are evaluated with the MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive system. Specially the collaboration of workers with robots is a very important research topic. Therefore assistant or service robots will be used.

Company:  SEW Eurodrive/ Bruchsal

research partner: University of Luxembourg

aim: establishing a circulatory system for mechanical parts


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gerke
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gerke
Professor FB Umweltplanung/-technik - FR Maschinenbau


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Technische Assistenzsysteme vom Industrieroboter zum Roboterassistenten

Technical Assistance Systems: Basic Principles and Applications


Einführung in die elektrischen Maschinen und Aktoren

Introduction to electric maschines and actuators


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