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The Institute for Software Systems (ISS) was founded in 2003 as a research institute of the Trier University of Applied Sciences at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. The focus of our research is on the development and application of information technology with a focus on sustainability and resource efficiency. The ISS is thus one of the few research institutions in Germany to address issues of sustainable development and environmental protection from the perspective of computer science.

The members of the institute have many years of in-depth experience and knowledge in the management and implementation of research and development projects in information technology and are available as competent cooperation partners for application-oriented research projects.

Research Profile and Range of Services

Our research is characterized by a strong application and practice orientation and lies in the field of engineering, environmental and business informatics. We investigate how innovative IT solutions can contribute to sustainable development and what effects IT has on people, the environment, the economy and society.

Our work is financed by subsidies from public funding programmes of the federal and state governments. In project implementation, we work together with public project management agencies and other research institutions and universities. We present our research results at national and international scientific conferences. In addition, we regularly organize conferences and workshops to provide information on current trends.
This makes our institute one of the few research institutions in Germany that deals with issues of sustainable development and environmental protection from the perspective of information technology.

The Institute for Software Systems works mainly in the research field "Information Systems for Sustainable Development (ISNE)", which is part of the university's research focus 2 "Intelligent Technologies for Sustainable Development" (ITNE). Further research focuses of the Trier University of Applied Sciences are "Applied Material Flow Management" and "Life Sciences: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology".

We offer students the opportunity to collaborate in research projects on the development of innovative products, systems and services during their studies. We continuously offer internships, practical semesters, project work and bachelor's and master's theses.

Our offer for companies includes the cooperation in research projects, the processing of company-specific problems as contract research and the supervision of final theses in the company. The following tasks, for example, are suitable for cooperation:

  •  Feasibility Studies
  • Development and Evaluation of Prototypes
  • Evaluation of the Usability of Websites and Mobile Applications
  • Data Analytics
  • Analysis and Optimization of Business Processes
  • Resource and Energy Measurements
  • 3D Modelling of Technical Objects and Landscape Scenes

Company-specific IT training courses in our area of competence round off our range of services.


In our research and development projects, we work closely with companies, public authorities and other universities. Our expertise lies in the following areas:

Environmental Informatics

  • Green IT and Green Software Engineering
  • IT for Smart-Metering and Energy Efficiency
  • Development of Environmental Information Systems
  • Geodata Analysis and Management

Engineering Informatics

  • Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 and Embedded Systems
  • Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Modelling, Controlling and Optimization of Bioprocesses

Business Informatics

  • Operational Information Systems and E-Business/E-Government
  • Modelling and Optimiztion of Business Processes
  • IT for Ambient-Assisted Living
  • Data Quality, Data Mining and Statistics


Institute for Software Systems in Business, Environment and Administration
Campusallee, Buidling 9925
55768 Hoppstädten-Weiersbach





Central Contact
Eva-Maria Müller, B. Sc.
Research Coordination

Phone: 0049 6782 17 1927
Mail: e.mueller(at)
Building 9925, Room 132


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