The future needs creative minds!

All study programmes deal with the environment in a technical, economic or legal perspective. They offer a stepping stone into an economic sector with above-average growth. The aim of the training is to be close to practice and companies, as well as to combine the studies with innovative and research-related topics.

Live, learn, work in one place!

Over 650 dormitory places directly on the site turn the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld into an academic village. The campus offers a unique working environment for different areas of science, research, administration and technology. Thus the people on the environmental campus are connected by a special "we-feeling".

Welcome to a unique place. Welcome to The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

At present, around 2,300 Bachelor and Master students from more than 80 countries are studying on campus in 13 Bachelor degree programmes, 5 dual Bachelor degree programmes and 12 Master degree programmes in the fields of environmental planning/environmental technology and environmental economy/environmental law. The campus is internationally networked, with the strength of strong, regional roots. The students come from all over the world to Hoppstädten-Weiersbach - due to the groundbreaking and future-oriented education.

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