exchange students

Thank you for your interest in studying at Trier University of Applied Sciences / UMWELT-CAMPUS BIRKENFELD.
Our ERASMUS-code is: D TRIER 02

Please check our homepage for information about our university, the general area and about the study programs.

Here you find the University Calendar:

If you want to be an exchange student on our campus (means: coming from a partneruniversity) we need an official nomination from your home institution (via email) with the following details:
- your first name, LAST NAME
- gender
- email address
- nationality
- field of study at your home university
- study level (Bachelor or Master or PhD)
- exchange semester (winter or summer term or a full academic year)

Nomination-Deadline depends on the program you choose.
To be save nomination should be send til the 1st of May (for winter term) or 1st of November (for summer term).
Deadlines can change during agreement period. Please refer to the websites of the respective programs.
BUT: Please contact the International Office for individual arrangements. You can be nominated later! If there is the possibility we try to arrange it!

After the deadline for nomination you will get information about the application procedure (which depends on the different programs) to your email address.
(The further procedure will be something like: application deadline til middle or end of December/June and you get offer for accomodation January/July. If you need to apply for a visa in Germany, the deadlines may be earlier.)

Please be aware that there will be a semester fee (approx.. 350€ - semester ticket and discounts are included) for all programs.
Depending on the program there could be additional fees. You can find this on the webpages of the different programs.

We look forward to welcoming you @ UCB (Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld).

individual applicants

If you are not from a partner university but would like to apply individually, please see the contact information for the program coordinators of the various study programs.


Daniela Haubrich
Beschäftigte International Office


+49 6782 17-1843
+49 6782 171691


Birkenfeld | Building 9916 | Room 42


Mo-Fr (9-15 Uhr, oft 17 Uhr und später) bei Anwesenheit und/oder nach Vereinbarung: persönlich, telefonisch oder intern per Chat ( - Anmeldung mit Hochschulkennung!). Erreichbarkeiten im Detail immer aktuell auf der Website!
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