Semester Ticket

The cost for a semester ticket is included in the semester fees. Please check the corresponding course pages.


Area of Application

The chip card serves as the semester ticket in second class compartments at the sector covered by RNN and all other trains of KBS 680 between Saarbrücken main station and Neubrücke/Nahe in the trains covering short distance rail traffic (RE, RB) 



The student ID must be validated after the re-registration (payment of the semester fee and receipt of the certificate of enrollment) at the beginning of each semester.

Please note:
Without a valid imprint the student ID will not serve as a valid train ticket.  Taking the train while using an invalid ticket will be punished by a fine.

Contact ASTA

Phone:   +49 6782 17-1390
Room:    9914/012


RNN Sector

Validation machine

Building 9924 under the stairs.
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