What happens after registration?

After registering your data, the Hochschule will forward a welcome e-mail containing access data and a verification link. Please click on the link located at the upper right screen edge and log into the applicant portal.

After a successful login you can start your application.

How shall I proceed when I forgot my admissions data?

You can generate a new password via the system.

What is recognized as official certification?

Any public body carrying a seal, e. g. authorities, parish offices, with exception of law firms, accounting firms, societies, are authorized to officially certify.

Please note:  Documents and papers not written in German can only be accepted if they are submitted in translation by a court-appointed or appointed interpreter.

What is the meaning of "University Entrance Qualification (UEQ)"?

„University Entrance Qualification (UEQ)“ is the higher education entrance qualification acquired outside of Germany, without an assessment test at the International College (Studienkolleg) in Germany.

You must select your personal UEQ from the applicant portal. You will find help for completion of the UEQ and a sub-classification here.

How shall I proceed when my data or information is incorrect?

In certain cases, you can still correct this data yourself. Address corrections and the specification of a new address after relocation are always possible at "personal data".

The correction of UEQ information is only possible within the framework of the procedures with manual admission restriction, by withdrawing the application and changing and reissuing data. After an online enrollment, the details of the UEQ and certain personal data cannot be changed. Data written in gray letters is blocked and cannot be changed.

In this cases, please contact the registrar´s office.

Semester fee

You find information of the current semester fee here.

Will I be reimbursed when I do not take up the study place?

If you cannot be accepted, because, for instance, your UEQ does not entitle you to study at HS Trier or you decide to choose another place to study, you will be reimbursed.

Even if you want to cancel the enrollment for SS until 31 March and for WS until 30 Sepember, you will be reimbursed. If a Student ID card has already been created, the amount for the ID card (23,00 €) cannot be refunded and a fee of 25,00 € will be retained in addition in any case.

If the student resigns at a later, repayment is no longer possible.

I have a university entrance qualification/degree from outside Germany, can I apply directly to the university?

For the Bachelor's degree programme Sustainable Business and Technology, an application is processed directly through our university.

You can find more information here.

For all other degree programmes, applications can only be made via uni-assist.

You can find more information here.

Loss of the Studend ID

Loss of the student ID

When losing the student ID, you may apply for a new student ID (chip card) at the student service.  The fee for replacing a lost student ID will be 23,00 €

Please pay the contribution to the following account:

Payee: LHK Mainz/ Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld 
Bank: Postbank Ludwigshafen
IBAN: DE45 5451 0067 0009 6236 71

Purpose ofuse: „Student Registration Number“, „Last name“, „First name“.

Any more Questions?

If your question could not be answered, please contact the study service.


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