Maybe you ask yourself...
How do international students finance their studies in Germany?
What will my monthly outgoings be?
... you can find answers within this webpage:

Study financing options at UCB

You can find a great overview in the Counselling Compass, which you should also take a look at in full:


All foreign students can find a really good database here:

In addition if you already are at our campus:

Scholarships for international students at UCB

State Foundation Scholarship for regularly enrolled foreign students

The International Office of Trier University receives funds from the Foundation of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate to provide financial support for foreign students.

You must be regularly enrolled at Trier University of Applied Sciences and be making good progress in your studies.

You submit the application directly to the International Office at the UCB.

Please add the following documents with your application:

  • Cover sheet (use form!)
  • Cover letter to the International Office
    Please provide a brief description of:
    Your financial situation and your academic career
  • Data sheet (use form!) with your original signature
  • Letter of recommendation (use template!) with original signature or by e-mail from the associate professor DIRECTLY to the International Office
  • List of grades (from QIS)
  • Copy of your current certificate of study (instructions for printing)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Declaration of Acceptance and Data Protection Sheet with your original signatures
    (Please fill in your "Personal Data" on the first page on your PC / print it out / on page 2 and 3 complete the yellow marked fields by hand).

Current application deadline: Please contact the International Office for the next deadline.


At UCB you will regularly find new job offers in the signboard of the building 9914 (UCB-Contact).


Daniela Haubrich
Beschäftigte International Office


+49 6782 17-1843
+49 6782 171691


Birkenfeld | Building 9916 | Room 42


Mo-Fr (9-15 Uhr, oft 17 Uhr und später) bei Anwesenheit und/oder nach Vereinbarung: persönlich, telefonisch oder intern per Chat ( - Anmeldung mit Hochschulkennung!). Erreichbarkeiten im Detail immer aktuell auf der Website!
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